Policy Manager, Public-Private Partnerships


The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) is the world’s leading organization on financial inclusion policy and regulation. A member-owned network, AFI promotes and develops evidence-based policy solutions that help to improve the lives of the poor. AFI members are at the forefront of successful financial system reforms and have the unique experience to help shape the emerging regulatory response. Many of the most effective financial inclusion policies have been innovated, supported and implemented by AFI member institutions, and offer valuable lessons for any country interested in reducing poverty. Together, AFI members are working to unlock the potential of the world’s 2 billion unbanked through the power of financial inclusion.

To ensure that AFI members have the knowledge, resources and tools to develop and implement financial inclusion policy reforms, AFI’s Global Partnerships (GP) Team strategically engages a wide array of stakeholders across the financial inclusion landscape. These stakeholders include private sector innovators whom AFI cooperates within the framework of its Public-Private Dialogue Platform (the “AFI PPD”).  The AFI PPD encompasses the following pillars:

       1.     High Level Public-Private Dialogue: senior private sector executives and leaders of AFI member institutions discuss issues of shared strategic relevance, identifying and seeking ways to address key opportunities and barriers to advancing financial inclusion. Such issues may include digital financial services, FinTech/RegTech, cyber resilience, data privacy and consumer protection, financial education, SME finance, inclusive green finance, financial inclusion for women, and related.

      2.     Institutional Capacity Building: in some of the thematic areas sited above, AFI’s private sector partners hold significant technical expertise and market knowhow.  AFI utilizes private sector expertise, where appropriate, to deliver targeted capacity building and technical training programs to strengthen the institutional capacity of its members to implement financial inclusion policy reforms. 

     3.     Knowledge Product Development: private sector partners are sometimes invited to provide insights, based on their unique market knowhow, that enhance members’ understanding of market realities and inform the development of select policy knowledge products. 

     4.     Contributions to policy peer learning: AFI’s knowledge partners, including from the private sector, are invited to contribute as presenters at various AFI peer learning events, including the AFI Global Policy Forum, Regional Initiatives, and related.  These knowledge contributions enhance members’ understanding of private sector issues and perspectives.

AFI’s private sector partners cost-share with AFI through annual financial contributions to support the PPD Program implementation and ensure its long-term sustainability. 

More information on AFI’s PPD Platform can be found here: https://www.afi-global.org/publications/2311/AFI-Public-Private-Dialogue-PPD-Platform-2018-Factsheet


The PPD Manager is tasked with administrating, advancing and gradually expanding AFI’s PPD platform through oversight and successful implementation of the above-mentioned pillars. 

The PPD Manager is an integral member of a 5-person GP team, reporting to the Head for Global Partnerships. 


Main Duties and Responsibilities

The PPD Manager will be responsible for the following:

I) Administration of the Current PPD Client Portfolio (50%)

AFI’s current portfolio of private sector partners includes several global and regional private sector innovators in the banking, digital payments, telecommunications, FinTech/RegTech, and related industries.  The PPD Manager will be responsible for administration an array of pre-agreed annual activities and managing client relations, including:

  •      Implementation of bilateral PPD partnership agreements with each PPD partner
  • Regular calls, joint annual planning and implementation of bilateral engagement plans, coordination of   each  PPD partner’sengagement in AFI programs and activities, and regular updates on key takeaways from private sector focused activities;
  • Coordination and quality assurance of capacity building activities carried out in partnership with the private sector
  • Oversight of high-level documents and technical summaries emerging from AFI PPD activities.
  • Drafting, updating, and distribution of PPD-related internal and external communications
  • Conceptualization, design and administration of Leaders’ PPD Dialogue, at the global and regional level, several times per year
  • Coordination of all PPD Program-related logistics

II) Private Sector Strategy and Growth of the PPD Platform (40%)

  •      Researches, develops and secures perspective PPD partner pipelines
  • Meets annual financial contribution targets stemming from AFI’s public-private engagement
  • With supervision from the Head of Global Partnerships, develops and implements AFI’s PPD strategy, ensuring alignment with AFI’s corporate strategy which is supported by knowledge acquisition and financial targets
  • Promotes the PPD Platform internally and externally
  • Monitors relevant industry developments and analyzes for relevance to AFI’s operations, disseminating this  analysis internally, as appropriate
  •  Engages with all AFI units to match AFI policy needs and interests with unique technical expertise from across the external stakeholder landscape, and supports coordination of these stakeholders’ engagement in key AFI events and activities  

II) Strengthening AFI’s Knowledge Partnerships (10%)

  • Researches, analyzes and helps to evaluate potential new partners across all partnerships categories, focusing foremost on private sector partners, but also on public sector and NGO knowledge partners, academia, and a broad range of technical providers;



  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s or equivalent preferred) in Business Administration, Banking, Sales & Marketing or International Relations 
  • Experience with partnerships/client portfolio management comprised of global and regional institutions
  • Experience in financial services policy and regulation, and financial inclusion specifically, would be an advantage. 
  • Excellent writing, speaking and presentation skills in English; additional language proficiency is an advantage
  • Ability to engage effectively with a diverse array of partners and stakeholders
  • Strong marketing and sales skills would be an advantage
  • Knowledge of and technical expertise preferred in one or more of the following areas: banking, payments, telecommunications, FinTech, green finance, consumer protection 
  • Highly advanced analytical skills (research or consultancy expertise would be an advantage)
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Ability to multi-task and self-manage
  • Ability and experience in managing events and meetings
  • Positive attitude, proactive approach, and collaborative team spirit
  • Interest in social impact and financial inclusion


How to Apply

Interested applicants please send your CV and Cover Letter to talent@afi-global.org  

Closing Date :  30th July 2019